Animation can prove very useful if done correctly

Basic Bone ManipulationEdit

Basic animation video tutorial:

Source Film Maker Tutorial 2 - Animation

Source Film Maker Tutorial 2 - Animation

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Basic lipsync video tutorial:

Source Film Maker Tutorial 4 - Lip Sync

Source Film Maker Tutorial 4 - Lip Sync

Custom animation from external applicationsEdit


Custom animation into source film maker using Maya

Custom animation into source film maker using Maya

Different tutorial by R33MIXEdit

Brief Overview On How I Make My Videos

Brief Overview On How I Make My Videos

Important Note:Edit

If you build your animation in 3DS Max, Maya, or Motionbuilder 2010 or up, you need to convert your .fbx file using the Autodesk fbx converter.

Bringing parented objects from Motionbuilder/3DS Max into Source Filmmaker Edit

Before you start. Necessary stuff and why the hell they are needed: 3DS Max 2011 - Baking the animation

Maya 2011 - Exporting the DMX

MotionBuilder 2011 - Animating

Source Filmmaker - Why do you think?

Source SDK - Maya plug-ins and decompiled models

MDL Decompiler - To decompile props

3DS Max Baking script:

3DS Max SMD Import/Export plugins

What to do:

Exporting your model's animation. Follow these tutorials on Rigging and Exporting to Maya and SFM

1. Decompile the item you want your character to hold.

2. Import the Reference SMD in Maya and Export it as an FBX file.

3. Open it along with your Character in MotionBuilder and animate!

3.1. The object usually has two bones: smd_mesh and weapon_bone. Parent the smd_mesh to the limb you want and then parent weapon_bone to smd_mesh. This is very important!

4. Plot your character and object.

5. Do a "Motion File Export".

6. Open [yourclass] in /steamapps/sourcesdk_content/tf/modelsrc/[yourclass]/ in Maya.

7. While in Maya, Import your FBX file and resize the timeline.

8. Export your animation to a DMX file and make sure you make it a skeletal animation.

Exporting your object's animation. MAKE SURE YOUR BONE'S NAME IS THE SAME AS IN SFM. IF NOT, RENAME IT!

1. Import your Motion File (FBX) into 3DS Max.

2. Find your parented bone(in my case, weapon_bone), select it and run the ani_baked script. This can be done

by pressing MAXScript->Run script and then the ani_baked script.

3. Make sure your bone is selected and "Export Selected" to an SMD file. Select "Sequence SMD".

4. Open your decompiled object's SMD reference SMD file in Max (Make sure it's a new scene, not the old one), and import your previously exported SMD file. Your object should start moving.

5. Export everything to an FBX file and check "Bake Animation"

6. Open your FBX file in Maya.

7. Export it as a DMX file. Once again, it must be a skeletal animation.

8. Spawn the object you animated in SFM using the "Create animation set"