Being an unofficial and accidental release, Filmmaker is riddled with bugs. Most are avoidable or possible to work around, but there are plenty to watch out for.

In-Game IssuesEdit


  • After loading a map, the Primary Viewport stays black. This can be fixed by clicking inside and moving the camera around until the map appears. (I think what happens is the camera starts outside of the map)
  • Players can appear with a fire texture on them. Fix by replacing the fire texture with a transparent one
  • Textures from post-beta releases will not always load. Fix via version changing.
  • Custom player models will appear black. Fix by either removing Jarate line completely or putting "//" on the left side of them.
  • Some models will appear as pure white / gradiants. Fix by disabling self-illumination.
  • HWM model's faces are broken. Fix by typing "mp_usehwmvcds 1" in console without quotes.
  • When rotating bones with the Manipulator tool, the colored rings can pop out too much/appear too fat or thin and be unuseable. It's fixed by using "Set new camera" on the timeline, and then switching to camera1/2/3/whatever (Active camera) and using it instead of the normal work camera. (click on the button in the top left corner of the work window that usually says work camera)
  • A rare bug will happen when trying to change the rendering settings the render window will appear behing the other windows (only way to fix this is to close source filmmaker and open it again (assuming you have saved your work)
  • When opening a saved clip there will by a 50% chance bug that makes the first person view model's appear. this is fixed by creating an animation set of the viewmodel (like v_fists) and remove them that way (pressing randomise will move the model to the center of the map for example, the bridge of ctf_2fort

Semi FixableEdit

  • A white diagonal line in the viewport which will also show up in your final render. This can be removed by setting your Scene Camera's "bloomScale" to 0. This can only be fully fixed by buying a computer which have better specs than you are currently using, seriously.


  • Extremely laggy viewports and long rendering times.